Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma Administration Policies

Principles of Excellence Policy

Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma is committed to meeting or exceeding student, governmental, and industry expectations of a training provider. We commit to providing the absolute best Lean Six Sigma training and working with every student to accommodate schedule conflicts.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination and equal opportunity for all person regardless of race, religion, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, gender, genetic information, or any other protected status, in employment and admission.

Course Cancellation Policy

In the event a course must be cancelled for reasons beyond control of Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma; student will have the option to either 1) receive a full refund within 3 business days or 2) credit towards a future course. Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma does not reimburse students for airline tickets, hotel reservations, cancellation fees, or other non-tuition costs.

Refund Policy

Full Refund

Granted to students who cancel enrollment anytime leading up to the last business day prior to class start date (Friday prior to class) or are approved under leave of absence policy (see below).

Partial Refund (not leave of absence)

Student who does not show up for class (no-show) will receive full credit toward future class or 75% refund unless reason falls under leave of absence rules. Student has 15 days from class start to contact director and notify him/her of decision Student who arrives on 1st and/or 2nd day of class, then drops course without a leave of absence will receive 50% refund

No Refund

A student who arrives on the third day of class, then drops course without a leave of absence will not receive a refund

*A student who is terminated from class for behavior or conduct violations will not be granted a leave of absence and will receive a refund as described in refund policy.

Enrollment and Credit for Previous Training Policy

Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Enrollment Deadline: Saturday prior to class start. All courses begin on Monday.

Pre-requisite: None (no prior knowledge of Lean Six Sigma necessary)

Entrance Requirements: Ability to speak and understand English and a desire to learn

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

Enrollment Deadline: Friday prior to class start. All course begin on Monday

Pre-requisite: Posses a Lean, Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certificate, certification or equivalent training

Entrance Requirements: Ability to speak and understand English, meet pre-requisite and a desire to learn

Credit for Training Policy

Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma will recognize and credit students with meeting Green Belt (Green Belt Equivalent) requirement when proof of training, certificate, or certification is submitted. Training programs are normally approved when provided by employers, government agencies, universities, colleges, private training centers, and on-line training.

A Green Belt Certification from any credentialing organizations is normally approved; these include ASQ, IASSC, AALSSC, employer certification, or university certification. Proof of training/certification can be emailed to instructor prior to class start or brought to first day of class. Instructor will make a copy for student records.

Standards of Progress Policy

Grading Policy

Academic performance is determined and reported by using a pass or fail system. Course completion requirements, including grading standards, are provided to the student at the beginning of each course.

Green Belt Certificate minimum requirements:

1. Attend at minimum 80% of in-class lessons

2. Receive satisfactory or better for project presentation

3. Receive satisfactory or better for project report

Black Belt Certificate minimum requirements:

1. Attend at minimum 80% of in-class lessons

2. Achieve a satisfactory or better on all presentations and homework assignments

**Certification requirements are established by the American Association for Lean Six Sigma Certification (AALSSC). Visit aalssc.org for most current certification requirements.

Unsatisfactory Grades or Progress Policy

If at any point during the course a student is struggling to meet satisfactory course progress the instructor will provide additional one-on-one counseling. Instructor will use breaks, lunch, before class time, or after class time to identify the gap in knowledge and provide focused lessons.

Students who are dismissed from either course (for lack of progress) will be able to re-enter future courses at a pro-rated rate depending on how far into the course student progressed. Special consideration can be submitted by student if circumstances were beyond student’s control and student feels like special consideration is warranted.

Student Records Policy

Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma will keep originals of sign-in sheets, homework, and project reports. All progress issues (not meeting minimum standard for any assignment) will be documented with a “Memorandum for record” statement written directly on course work. Students can request copies of sign-in sheets, their course work, and homework submitted by other students. Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma will maintain the student assignments for five (3) years following the student’s completion of course(s). Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma will permanently retain student’s record enrollment and completion.

Replacement Certificate Request Policy

Student who request additional certificates will be charged ($25) each. Certificates will be mailed to student within ten business days of request.

Attendance Requirements Policy

Each student’s required attendance is to be present in class for a minimum of 80% of classroom time. Attendance means (a) physical participation in the team breakouts and other activities of the course; and (b) other positive academic participation such as in-class discussions. If a student misses part of all of a lesson it is the student’s responsibility to meet with team members and instructor to review material and learn the concepts.

Make-up Work Policy

A student may, at the discretion of instructor, complete make up coursework due to the student’s absences from class meetings, team breakouts or presentations. The instructor will determine lesson appropriate coursework and grade submitted course work using the “Lead Discussion” grading rubric.

Leave of Absence Policy

A student may be granted a leave of absence in the case of family emergency, military obligation, local emergency response, or other conditions that prevents student from finishing course. The student will not be considered to be withdrawn from course and will be permitted to enroll in any available future course, student has the choice to either 1) begin course from beginning or 2) reenter at the point of which leave of absence began. Student must return within the four academic quarters after leave of absence is granted.

If student does not return at the expiration of the approved leave of absence Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma will either 1) provide a 100% refund of tuition if student enters the leave of absence within first three days of a five day course, or 2) NOT provide a refund if student completed three days of a five day course and enters leave of absence anytime after end of the third day of class.

Leaving Class or Tardiness Policy

Students are expected to be on time and not leave the classroom when not on a break. If a student tardiness or classroom leaving is excessive, as determined by instructor, the student will be given additional assignment(s) from lessons taught during their absence. Student will complete assignment(s) after class and provide to instructor the following day.

Excessive tardiness or leaving class early will be documented by instructor and be deducted from total in-class time, which counts towards the 80% in-class requirement for certificate. (see unsatisfactory attendance policy) Unsatisfactory attendance Policy

A student who misses more than 80% of class-room time and does not submit make-up work (or make-up work is less than satisfactory) will be allowed to finish the course, however they will not be presented with the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt or Black Belt Certificate. Student will have 30 days to contact instructor and submit make-up work of satisfactory quality.

Student Conduct Policy

Each student is expected to conduct themselves in a professional, respectful manner for the duration of the course. Violations of student conduct policy are grounds for discipline from Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma which may include, without limitation, student’s termination from course. If student is terminated from the course for conduct the current refund policy will apply.

a. Physical or verbal abuse, intimidation or harassment of another person or group of person including any harassment based on race, religion, color, age, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, gender or any other protected status.

b. Deliberate or carless endangerment; tampering with safety alarms or equipment; violation of safety regulations; failure to render reasonable cooperation in an emergency; possession or use on ITT technical institute premises of any firearm (except for law enforcement officer who are required to carry a firearm at all time and who have notified the instructor), knife (excepting non-spring pocket knives with blades less than four inches), other weapons, explosives or fireworks.

c. Obstruction or disruption of any regular classroom or campus activities.

d. Dishonesty, including, without limitation, providing false information, altering documents, plagiarism and other academic cheating.

e. Obscene, indecent or inconsiderate behavior; exposure of other to offensive conditions, disregard for privacy of self or others.

f. Theft, abuse or unauthorized use of school or campus property, the personal property of others or public property, including, without limitation, unauthorized entrance into campus facilities or information technology systems, possession or stolen proper and littering.

g. Illegal use, distribution or possession of stimulants, intoxicants or drugs.

h. Use, distribution or possession of alcoholic beverages on campus premises.

i. Gambling on campus property

j. Violation of any federal, state or local law.

k. Intentional or careless destruction, damage or defacement of any campus properly.

l. Failure to behave in a manner that reflects favorable upon the student’s association with Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma.

m. Hazing, defined as any action or situation which recklessly or intentionally endanger the mental or physical health or safety or a student.

n. Incitement of other to commit any of the acts prohibited above or providing assistance or encouragement to other to engage in such acts.

o. Sexual harassment, includes unwelcome sexual flirtations, advances or propositions, request for sexual favors, verbal abuse of a sexual nature, subtle pressure or request for sexual activities, unnecessary touching of an individual, graphic verbal commentaries about an individual’s body, sexually degrading words used to describe an individual, a displace of sexually suggestive objects or pictures, sexually explicit or offensive jokes, physical assault and other verbal, visual or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

p. Students also must comply with all DeVry University standards of conduct. Any student who is terminated for conduct violations will not be permitted to attend future courses without written approval from Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma’s President.

Privacy Act

As a training center, Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma will adhere to established federal and services policies and guidelines on records. Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma adheres to the guidelines of the Privacy Act of 1974 to protect the confidentially and integrity of student records. The security and confidentiality of student records are central to the integrity of Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma. We are committed to protecting, to the maximum extent possible, the privacy rights of all individuals about whom it holds information, records, and files.