Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma (LVLSS) is a private education and training center that provides highly focused Lean Six Sigma courses to be taught in Las Vegas, at a client’s location, or live online. What makes LVLSS exceptional is the curriculum and instructor. The content is practical and logically organized, the instructor is passionate and engaging.

LVLSS Mission

Provide exceptional Lean Six Sigma training that prepares students for certification testing while building their confidence to implement the proven methods of process improvement.

LVLSS Core Competencies

Ability to connect students to the concepts and tools of Lean Six Sigma in a energetic, useful, and professional way. 

Lean Six Sigma

The methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma are two powerful strategies organizations use to achieve breakthrough success. In recent years these two methodologies have been combined in the one “Lean Six Sigma”. The key factor for success is people; people who are led with respect and trained to improve processes, solve problems, and lead change initiatives.

Industries around the world recognize the importance of Lean Six Sigma training at all levels of the organization. The beauty of Lean Six Sigma (Continuous Process Improvement) is the win-win-win aspect of improving work process – customers win, employees win, and the company wins.

This type of training is often the missing piece to achieve higher levels of organizational excellence to accomplish goals.

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