Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma is a private education and training center that provides two highly focused Lean Six Sigma courses.

LVLSS Mission
Provide an exceptional learning experience that prepares students for future challenges and opportunities.

LVLSS Core Competencies
Ability to connect students to the concepts of Lean Six Sigma in a energetic and professional environment

LVLSS Vision
To be the leading provider of Lean Six Sigma training in the Southwest United States

About Lean Six Sigma

The methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma are two powerful strategies organizations use to achieve  breakthrough success. In recent years these two methodologies have been combined in the one “Lean Six Sigma”. The key factor for success is people; people who are led with respect and trained to improve processes, perform root causes analysis and lead change initiatives.

Industries around the world recognize the Lean Six Sigma credentials (Green Belt and Black Belt) as levels of obtained knowledge and skill. Green Belts are expected to be facilitators and change agents who use the tools of Lean Six Sigma within their “line of sight”; normally at the front line or tactical level of the organization. Black Belts develop further tools and methods normally implemented at the higher levels (strategic) of the organization. In recent years there have been other colors of belts included in the conversation, however the two core certifications remain Green Belt and Black Belt.

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