2021 classes and COVID-19

UPDATE: May 10-14 Green Belt will be live online. All classes after May 2021 will be reverting back to in person unless deliberately scheduled to be online.

We are excited to get back into the classroom and appreciate all the support we received over the past 13 months.


I want my employer to send me through this course

Owners, executives and managers are responsible to use their limited training budgets to get the greatest benefit for money spent. The good news is the Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Black Belt courses are low-cost (compared to industry norms) and exceptional quality.


I am considering sending some employees to this course or bringing this training to my facility

Lean Six Sigma Green and Black Belt courses are outstanding employee development classes that improve the problem solving and process improvement ability of your workforce. By investing in your employees you make the entire organization stronger and more capable when facing organizational challenges.


I am considering taking the Green Belt course for my own Professional Development

Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma Green and Black belt certification courses are outstanding classes that will help you improve your ability to solve problems, improve processes, facilitate meetings/teams and develop into a positive change agent for your current/future organizations.