New Years Resolutions

Happy 2024 to all the Lean Six Sigma zealots out there!

As is customary with a new year, there comes…New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe this year we can have a little fun using some Lean Six Sigma to set our resolutions. Here’s my take on incorporating Lean Six Sigma principles into New Year’s resolutions:

Resolution 1: Reduce Waste

I’ve decided to apply Lean Six Sigma to my life. Step one: eliminate the waste. Goodbye, excessive snacking and hello, efficient meal planning. I’m on the path to becoming a lean, mean, not-so-hungry machine.

Resolution 2: Improve Efficiency

This year, I’m streamlining my daily routine with Lean Six Sigma precision. I’ve calculated the optimal time it takes to brush my teeth, tie my shoes, and even choose an outfit. My morning is now a well-oiled machine – efficiency level: Black Belt!

Resolution 3: Standardize Processes

I’ve realized that my life needs a bit of standardization. So, I’m creating SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) for tasks like doing laundry, making the bed, grocery shopping, and cooking. Now, every load of laundry is a perfectly executed process, and my meals are ISO certified.

Resolution 4: Measure Progress

No more vague goals for me. This year, I’m all about measurable outcomes. I’ve got my key performance indicators (KPIs) ready for weight loss, fitness, and work goals. If it’s not quantifiable, it’s not on my resolution list.

Resolution 5: Continuous Improvement

I’ve adopted the principle of continuous improvement in my resolutions. Every month, I’ll review and tweak my goals for optimal performance. It’s like having a personal Kaizen event – only with fewer PowerPoint presentations and more self-reflection.

Remember, humor can be a great motivator, so feel free to tailor these resolutions to fit your own sense of humor and goals. I wish you a prosperous 2024!

Happy New Year! Erik


“Taking on a challenge is a lot like riding a horse, isn’t it? If you’re comfortable while doing it, you’re probably doing it wrong.”

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