Principles of war – review

As a Lean Six Sigma professional you are on the front line of the “War on Waste” – TIM WOODS is out there sabotaging your operations. We must find and eliminate him at all costs, your prosperity depends on it. Follow the principles of war and your success is assured. Good luck and happy hunting.
  1. Objective – decide exactly what you want, write it down, then work to achieve it – goal statement
  2. Offensive – Intense actions to achieve objectives – continuous improvement – bravery
  3. Mass – Focus and bring all resources together to achieve single goal – Kaizen events
  4. Maneuver – Be flexible, get creative, try new approaches
  5. Intelligence – Learn all you can – get the facts – analyze data – go to the Gemba
  6. Concerted action – Work together, Kaizen!
  7. Unity of Command – One person in charge – Champion
  8. Simplicity – Remove the unnecessary
  9. Security – Guard against reversals – sustain/improve/sustain
  10. Economy of Force – Conserve resources – do not waste time or money on non-value adding work
  11. Surprise – Delight your customers – competitive advantage
  12. Exploitation: Follow up and follow through – leadership
See you in the Gemba! Erik