Black Belt certification change plus other news

Black Belt Certification changes
  • On January 1st 2020 individuals will be required to submit a project in addition to passing the certification exam for an AALSSC Black Belt certification. Green Belt certification is unchanged.
  • If you want to get your Black Belt training and certification prior to this new rule there are only two classes remaining – one at DeVry (October) and one on Nellis Air Force Base (December). To attend the Nellis class you must be able to enter this military installation.

There’s a new trainer in Salt Lake City

  • Utah Lean Six Sigma is a new partner with Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma and is hosting in-class Green Belt courses in the Salt Lake City area. Same instructor-led curriculum and certification test is included. If you know anyone in the SLC area please let them know of this opportunity.
  • Thanks for being part of the Lean Six Sigma community and keep on killing TIM WOODS.
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