CES 2016 and Bio-metrics

Las Vegas just wrapped up the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) and there were some incredible new inventions; from smart refrigerators that can detect when milk is getting low and automatically re-order, to the Hover Board and Butler in one, to personal airbags for skiers. However, one product really stands out to me…the bio-metric trigger lock.
In the world of Lean Six Sigma we are often brainstorming to develop solutions to problems. One problem Americans have is firearms getting into the wrong hands…namely children accidentally shooting themselves or a playmate. However, in order for a firearm to be an effective home defense tool it needs to be quickly accessible (loaded and close by). How to balance the need for access and security?
The solution comes to us from Identilock Inc. who unveiled the bio-metric trigger lock at CES. The owner invented a fingerprint lock that releases in less than one second…that’s quick! Not only does this prevent children from using a firearm, but also a thief or suicidal teenager. It quite simply solves the problem of someone else using your firearm. Brilliant!
Lean Six Sigma professionals will recognize this as a Poke-Yoke or Mistake proofing device. Poke-Yoke devices are designed to reduce or eliminate incorrect choices…thus preventing errors from becoming defects. When it comes to home security and family safety zero-defects is the only acceptable standard. Well done Identilock.
Cheers to the techies of CES who “aim” to solve today’s problems.