Yoda the Mentor

I hope all of you are as excited for the new Star Wars movie as I am. Star Wars seems to have it all: spaceships, mystical powers, epic battles, princess Leia, good vs. evil and a little green dude named Yoda.
At first glance Yoda does not appear impressive; he’s short, old, green, big ears, walks with a cane and talks backwards. However, just like the image of a pawn with queen’s shadow (top of this newsletter) he is far more powerful then he appears. Yoda is the man! (so to speak)
What can Yoda teach us Lean Six Sigma folks? It can be argued Yoda’s greatest contribution to defeating evil is his mentorship. He makes those around him more capable and guides them with wisdom. This is a lesson that all Lean Six Sigma professionals should take to heart. Just like Yoda, we should be developing those around us to create lasting change.
During this season of giving I encourage you to give a little of your time and wisdom to trainees who are less skilled then you. You may find teaching is a path to lasting prosperity. May the force be with you.