High Roller

Some of you may not know about the newest addition to the Las Vegas Skyline…the “High Roller” Ferris wheel. I’ve been corrected that it’s not a “Ferris” wheel, but an “Observation” wheel. Moving at .89 feet per second it can’t really be classified a thrill ride.

Anyway, to my Lean Six Sigma point…it’s just been announced that the Linq (complex which includes the High Roller) has partnered with “Osurv”, a California-based technology company that will allow visitors to participate in real-time mobile surveys while on the site via their smart phone. This provides Linq managers immediate information about customer experiences. So if there is a passed out bachelorette laying in a pool of her own bodily fluids the staff can be ready with mop…that’s valuable information.

When we (LSS folks) discuss data and metrics one very desirable attribute is “Timeliness”…meaning give me a chance to act upon the data. Depending on the process data may be actionable for only a few weeks, days, hours, minutes or even seconds…if you’re a “wolf on wall street” market data may only be relevant for a few seconds.

The main point is data is perishable…the quicker you can get data the quicker you can act / react. If you are collecting data on some aspect of your company I would ask why? What do you intend to do with that data? Seems like I fill out a lot of surveys long after the experience is over.

So the next time you find yourself on the Las Vegas Strip check out the High Roller and Linq complex…go ahead and test of the feedback system from your smart phone. Unless you don’t have a smart phone; which is an entirely different problem…right mom.

Let’s roll, Erik