“Get Some…”

This is my 19th newsletter and several people have asked why it is called “Get some…”. Well this is the perfect topic to explain “Get Some!” while covering the second principle of war. Previous newsletter discussed “objective” as the first principle, now we move to principle #2 – Offensive. The “Get Some!” principle.

Principle of Offensive: Seize, retain and exploit the initiative.

How does the principle of offensive fall into Lean Six Sigma? As many of my peers will have experienced many important, high impact Lean Six Sigma events lose momentum without full action plan implementation. So as we are hunting down and killing waste it is vitally important to remain on the offensive…to keep killing…to keep “getting some”.

“Get some” is simply a call to action, a call to find and eliminate the enemy waste – aka TIM WOOD (U).

A few words about courage: almost universally people admire and respect “courage”, what exactly is courage? It can be simply defined as “the willingness to go forward, to face danger, to take risks with no guarantee of success”. Courage is what we see when observing someone who is following the principle of offensive…someone who is moving forward in the face of the unknown.

As you continue leading a war on waste remember if your not moving forward your going backwards. An old recruiter once told my your either green and growing or ripe and rotting. Nothing is static.

Let’s go get some, Erik