I’m considering taking this Lean Six Sigma certification course for my own professional development

Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma Green and Black belt certification courses are outstanding classes that will help you improve your ability to solve problems, improve processes, facilitate meetings/teams, and develop into a positive change agent for your current and future organizations

The benefits you receive from obtaining a Lean Six Sigma Belt certification include:

  • Increase your lifetime earning potential – Lean Six Sigma certified professionals tend to earn more than their non-certified peers
  • Develop your way of thinking – challenge traditional ways of leading people
  • Increased confidence taking when taking on leadership roles
  • Lean Six Sigma certified individuals are viewed by peers as more valuable members of the organization and capable problem solvers
  • Stronger resume – add highly sought after Lean Six Sigma professional certification
  • Signature block enhancer; after passing the certification test Green Belts receive the “LSSGB” designation and Black Belts receive “LSSBB” designation

As you see the long list of benefits in obtaining a Lean Six Sigma Belt Certification you will find there are many options to receive this training. Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma uses a time tested method that is overwhelmingly enjoyed by students. Some of what makes Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma special is:

  • Courses are in-class, instructor taught by a passionate Master Black Belt that connects all aspects of Lean Six Sigma for an exceptional experience
  • Courses use a project based curriculum for hands-on learning in a workshop style format
  • Student break out sessions contribute significantly to the overall learning experience and highlights the importance of “soft skills” required for solving complex problems
  • Impactful learning that stems from student-to-student and student-to-instructor interactions
  • Course materials include a hard copy workbook and USB memory stick filled with videos, templates, and other useful tools
  • Network with other professionals from various industries
  • Affordable tuition – below industry standard rates
  • Las Vegas! Enjoy a week in Las Vegas while getting Lean Six Sigma Belt certified
  • A final benefit – it’s FUN!

You have many choices when deciding to pursue a Lean Six Sigma certification; by choosing Las Vegas Lean Six Sigma you are assured an interactive, enjoyable learning experience. Our commitment to you is to improve your ability to solve problems, improve processes, and facilitate teams. As your career continues you may find yourself in one of three situations:

  1. Working in a traditionally managed company: You will be noticed as someone who is capable of “getting things done”
  2. Working in a Lean or Six Sigma company: You will have foundational knowledge which the company can build upon and develop
  3. Becoming an Entrepreneur: You will understand value streams and processes – and how to improve them

Thank you for your interest and hope to see you in class.